The Ugly Foot Stool

Foot Stool.JPG

Ugly Foot Stool

Everyone has that piece of furniture that has been sitting in their closet, garage, or shed that you haven’t even looked at since you bought it…..

This is the little foot stool that I bought last summer at a yard sale… and promptly hid away in the shed.

A good cleaning and I was ready to go!

And away we paint….

I took the top off and painted some of the stool white, just in the spots that I thought I would want to be chippy or distressed as a final project. Then I did a couple coats of blue.

Because I wanted a distressed look for the base of this stool, I used a little sandpaper in the areas that looked like they would have had the most wear - the feet, the edges, and the legs.

Foot Stool 3.JPG

Foot Stool 2.JPG

A swan is born…

I already had the fabric for the top. As the paint was drying I pulled the two layers of upholstery fabric off the top and check the batting still left. The padding looked just fine so the fabric was attached with a staple gun. This printed burlap was just the look I wanted, but it wasn’t my favorite fabric to work with.

With the paint dry I added a coat of clear wax to seal everything from chipping more.

I love it! Go ahead look at the before pic I’ll wait…..

The Ugly Foot Stool has become a swan.