The actual junk from our trunk….

Foot Stool.JPG

Ugly green foot stool

Everyone has got that one (or more!) piece of furniture that you have tucked away that you purchased in the hopes to redo and repurpose! This was mine.. ugly green foot stool that was sitting all lonely at a yard sale.

It celebrated a birthday in the shed before I got around to it.

Not so ugly anymore….

Cleaned up the foot stool… took off the top… checked all the joints and only had to glue one.

I already had the fabric I wanted for it, so the pain was easy. I wanted the farmhouse look of having the worn paint and the chippy feet. I added a first layer of white in the areas that I knew I would be distressing, covering EVERYTHING in blue. Once the layering was complete, then I sanded some of the edges and spots to see the white underneath and also some wood grain.

Foot Stool 3.JPG

Foot Stool 2.JPG

Ta Da!

The top of the stool was still in good shape after I removed the two layers of upholstery fabric, so I just had to recover the top with this cool patterned burlap. This is not the easiest fabric to work with to be honest.

After sanding the spots I wanted on the bottom, I added a layer of clear wax to seal everything up!

It’s a Super Cute Foot Stool now… see…ugly ducklings do become swans…