Jabba the Hutch

Hutch 1.JPG

Nothing fancy…

I love little unique pieces that you can find in stores that are different every time you go in them. The Habitat for Humanity Restore is that store sometimes, good prices and the items are in good condition.

This little bathroom hutch was cute…not chic. The color was already what I had in mind, but there were details that were not being shown because of all the blandness, and the fake wicker doors had to go!

Bring me the wax!

I used to be a little intimidated by wax….but it’s so easy and forgiving…

Always put a coat of clear wax on first! Then if you don’t like the dark wax or need to tone it down, then you “Wax on/ Wax off” and you start over.

Just a little dark wax around this pretty scroll work, the cut outs along the side panels, and a little on the edges.


Hutch 3.JPG

Final product!

The hardest part of this project was removing the hinges and remembering how to put them back. I have read ALOT of best practices and I agree, ALWAYS label and mark your hinges and put them back in the same spot. Do not assume that the same looking hinges will fit in all the same holes.

I removed the fake wicker panels and put chicken wire in the door frames. If you don’t have chicken wire in something are you even Farmhouse chic?

This little hutch turned out super chic… it’s possibilities are not limited to the bathroom.